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"ONEROOF is in the business of creating ideas, design, branding and establishing media platforms"


"ONEROOF is in the business of creating ideas, design, branding and establishing media platforms"


ONEROOF was established by leaders in the media, art & film industries


ONEROOF has managed events and productions in a variety of venues, such as Rogers Centre (Skydome) which is Canada’s largest stadium, and showcased events attracting tens of thousands of people from diverse communities in Canada.


ONEROOF’s founder has a combined experience of over 25 years in entertainment, music & media.


ONEROOF has worked in collaboration with companies such as RBC, ROGERS, PIZZA PIZZA & PEPSI. We have also worked in a variety of venues providing complete management and production services from beginning to end, for events that have drawn tens of thousands of people from diverse communities.


ONEROOF proudly supports a nonprofit organization by the name of MOVE (making our voices effective) which operates schools and diabetic clinics for the underprivileged.


ONEROOF's head office is based in Mississauga (Greater Toronto Area), Canada, one of the most diverse and unique cities in the world with folks from every corner of the globe.


Our name comes from our guiding philosophy, vision and business structure.  It encompasses many layers of meaning. In its simplest meaning, we provide:  All creative services under ONE ROOF, from idea to delivery of creative platforms and everything in between.

On a deeper level our name highlights our mission & vision to bring together different individuals, points of views, philosophies, cultures, concepts, technologies, communication mediums into our business model: bring them all under ONEROOF.

Our guiding philosophy influences the way we think, conduct business, create content and work together with our team and clients.

We believe the only thing that is constant is CHANGE and we subscribe to an ever-changing corporate culture and system. We believe in an ongoing process of discovery within ourselves and our business and are constantly GROWING, EVOLVING, LEARNING, and REDISCOVERING

We are always seeking OUT OF THE BOX solutions for ourselves and our clients.

Our vision is to blend both creative and business worlds in a unique and interesting way by bringing our creativity and humanity to the business world and fusing them with professional business ethics and standards expected of a company operating in the 21st century. We believe this union strengthens our WORK, our TEAM, our INDUSTRY and our COMMUNITY. We think globally and act locally.

Our team subscribes to the philosophy that there is no compromise to quality.


Our goal is to always strive for the best: in our projects, products & services.

We only take on projects where we will be able to deliver our best. We will never compromise the quality of our work and our business ethics for the bottom line profits.

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